Review: Poetry San Jose

Aífe Murray stunned us into the past with a reading from her powerful rendering of Dickinson’s sonic environment, revealing the forgotten musicality of the village of Amherst. It was a tour through Dickinson’s daily life: in and out of the conservatory, parlor, and library, and among family, neighbors, servants, farmworkers, and itinerant peddlers.

Fire sighing from a muffled fall of wood, plates clinking mixed with laughter as poet and maid wash and dry plates in the scullery. Kettle boils furiously, three knocks on the door frame, a nephew and friend, breathless, run in, a sandy rubber ball bounces sploing boing as it gets away, the rhythm of wash day as soapy water erupts against Mrs. Mack’s red arms, wind’s loud whip of hanging bed clothes…

Molly Schwartzburg, Stanford University
on Poetry Center San José Celebrates Emily Dickinson

An Emily Dickinson Evening of Music and Conversation, 2003

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