All Quiet on the Snarkless Front

A special entry at the Berlin Film Festival, receiving a 4 star review by The Guardian, Terrence Davies’ A Quiet Passion film about Emily Dickinson is set to open in American movie houses.  The poet is, according to reviewer Andrew Pulver, “superbly played with a sort of restless passivity by Cynthia Nixon.”  Uh oh.

Movie action circulates between library, bedroom, and parlor — that tired narrative. Renown during her lifetime for her culinary prowess — could we see Emily writing at her pastry board and hovering over the stove? A confirmed naturalist, how about dog Carlo at her side while she tramps widely searching for specimens on the forest floor?

Early movie goers have complained of boredom.

An early clip has disappointed biographers and literary critics — perhaps because Emily Dickinson’s famous “Damascus blade wit” has been reassigned to the character of a Ms. Buffum. No Emily snark?

Sorry, but the early reports are of a passionless quiet.

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