nothing, not nothing, but gorgeous, yes

If you think nothing equals the drama and beauty of your back-lit screen then you haven’t yet held The Gorgeous Nothings.

I’ve looked at many of Emily Dickinson’s poems in the original. I’ve donned the white cotton gloves and picked up the sheets and scraps, turning them over under the watchful eye of archivists.

I’ve gazed at amazing renditions on line at the brand new archive

I was then not prepared for my reaction to the new volume out from New Directions Press and a collaboration by the inestimable Marta Werner and Jen Bervin.

Envelope poems they are billed as. Little scraps of wonder.

I didn’t think I needed to own this book until it was placed in my hands

Can I say that these images are more real than the originals?

I just did. Stunningly tactile. It is a book of nothings, these scraps, and yet, here’s where the tout is accurate: gorgeous

Take my word or someone else’s but this treasure chest won’t disappoint

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