It’s official. Ms. Margaret Maher – who, as maid, collaborated in the kitchen with Ms. Emily Dickinson – has entered the pages, so to speak, of Wikipedia.

Emily D. was drawn to the kitchen to write – when Margaret Maher was stationed there (hence, Maid as Muse).

That’s not all. This maid became the poet’s archivist and saved the poems.

Next entry?

Tom Kelley as Emily’s chosen chief pallbearer?

The list could grow of wikipedia entries on the poet’s Native American, white Yankee, English & Irish immigrant, and African American laborers, stablehands, maids, and gardeners:

Henry Hawkins, Rosina Mack, Dick Matthews, Eliza Thompson, Bettie Ann Brown Scott, Margaret O Brien, Dennis Scannell, Stephen Sullivan & many many more…

These unseen and undervalued people were vital to the making of Emily Dickinson’s art & the creation of our literary inheritance.

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