Let’s Talk Indiana

Let’s Talk is one of the best radio shows going. This popular program is hosted by the thoughtful and astute radio journalist Deborah Godwin-Starks on WBOI / WBNI / WQSW for folks in and around Fort Wayne.

On her show, Ms. Deborah (pronounced De-BOR-ah) engages her listeners on topics ranging from health care, family matters, and finances to education and spiritual growth.

Today, Tuesday, from 10:30 to 11 AM we will talk about the laboring men and women who shared the kitchen with that famous recluse Emily Dickinson.

Shared the kitchen?

That’s right.

Emily Dickinson shared her kitchen with a number of “stellar women” – and men!

Learn more by tuning your dial to 89.1 FM or 94.1 FM or 100.5 FM.

You’ll be joining the stellar Deborah Godwin-Starks as she interviews the author of Maid as Muse and we flesh out a more fully human take on the “isolated” poet.

Guaranteed to make you think differently about Emily Dickinson – and yourself!

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