Radio That Makes You Think

What do Judy Collins, Geraldo Rivera, John Stossel, Bruce Lipton, Judy Orloff, and Aife Murray have in common?

Give up?

As of Friday, April 23, they all will have been interviewed by Family Therapist and awesome media host David McMillian for his KEEL show Strategies for Living.

The daily hour-long program is dedicated to helping listeners improve their quality of living – body, mind & spirit – in the broadest sense. Strategies for Living goes out to KEEL listeners in Shreveport. Luckily, even if you don’t live in Louisiana, you can link to the podcasts the very same day they broadcast & the archived programs.

By 11 AM central time on April 23, surf in to the daily post where you’ll hear Maid as Muse author Aife Murray and David McMillian discuss Emily Dickinson’s relationship with her maids, laborers, gardeners, and stablemen.

These are the women and men who improved the poet’s quality of life. There are some surprises, though, so tune in to find out how they improved our quality of life!

If your a bookstore doesn’t yet carry Maid as Muse, ask them to!

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